Saturday, December 24, 2011

granny and her boy(s)!

i've been baking and christmas-ing like a machine lately. i want my boys to remember that christmas is special and not just because of the presents under the tree. we've been singing 'baby Jesus went to sleep' a lot lately and i can't help but think of my granny. she was special. she made everything special. little things are ingrained in my brain that might mean nothing to anyone else, but she made those little nuggets of memories special. cream cheese on club crackers. cornbread made with white corn meal. orange cookies. getting my hair caught in her glasses every time i gave her a kiss or hug. the way her eyes would crinkle when she smiled. little things. peppermint bark at christmas.

anyway, this isn't a sad post. this is a i'm so glad that my boys will have special memories with their granny post. silas is a granny's boy through and through. that kid doesn't cry when i leave a room, but you take him away from granny and you would have thought the end of the world was coming. i'm glad we live close. i'm glad that they will have a similar relationship with their granny that i had with mine. elijah doesn't have that bond with her yet, but it's coming. it's coming fast. and i can't wait to see it!

my mom is awesome. she's a great mom, friend, confidant, and granny. she's always there when i need her and will never stop loving me or my boys. i thank the Lord daily for her. i wouldn't  be the wife and mommy that i am today if it weren't for her.

a few pics of granny and her boy silas! (i do have pics of her and elijah, but not any that are uploaded anywhere on the internet. i need to get on that and then edit this post!)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

this is really just a photo bomb!

i'm one and a half months into this whole mom of two thing. we have good days and bad days but the good totally outweighs the bad! i feel like we're all settling in and figuring it out. i find that silas is much more agreeable when he gets some undivided attention first thing in the morning. thankfully he gets up before elijah, so that makes it easy. i'm hoping it stays that way! probably won't, but we'll cross that bridge when/if we get there.

  big brother likes to steal little brother's paci and then laugh hysterically!

i'm feeling my need for caffeine increase. after i found out i was pregnant with silas, i cut back on my caffeine intake DRASTICALLY. i went from 2 pots of coffee a day to about 1 cup a day. after he was born i didn't really go back to my habit of 2 pots. i basically kept it at 1-2 cups a day, if any at all. while pregnant with elijah i only drank a cup of coffee on those days that i was just DRAGGING. well, the past week i have been exhausted. i have found myself drinking upwards of a half a pot a day. as much as i love coffee, i don't want to get back to where i was. the problem, obviously, is that i have a 17 month old and a 1.5 month. i am sleep deprived! pass the flavored creamer!

being a mama of two boys is proving to be the most rewarding thing that i have ever done. i thought being a teacher was the most rewarding, and it was until these two crackerjacks came into the world! i wouldn't trade these two little bits for anything in the world.

there isn't really a point to this post. i just needed a reason to post some pictures! hope your day is full of living and loving!