cast of characters

this is a list, and brief description, of people, and pets, that you may run across in my blog. it probably will be ever expanding. so if you come across someone you don't know about check here to see if you find them!

me (sarah): i'm the author, a wife, lover, mommy, musician, and many other things!

The Poet (dave): he's the husband, writer, lover, daddy, the chef, and pretty much my soft place to land.

The Bean/Dutch (silas): right now he's currently residing in my uterus. his name will change once he's on the outside! for now he's the kicker, jumper, and reason i go to the bathroom 10 times a night. he's the answer to prayer and the changer of lives. he's a big reason i get up in the mornings (and i'm not just referring to feeding him) and the only reason i go to bed at a decent time at night. we called him the bean while he was in the belly and now we call him Dutch. because he stinks and reminds me of a dutch oven (not the cooking vessel). if you don't know what a dutch oven is, click here (pardon the foul language)!

mr. jinx e. fat cat: the cat that lays on my perfectly de-cat haired furniture and makes it furry again...and a pretty good cuddler. he's 'my' cat!

ms. sis e. prissy cat: the cat that doesn't have much to do with me, unless she needs something. she's The Poet's cat. she also contributes to the furry furniture.