Wednesday, January 11, 2012

today is a good day for a cat foot warmer

way back before we had kids, our cats were the best little space heaters available! seriously. they kept the space around my feet perfectly toasty all winter long. they would curl up around my tootsies and snuggle uggle up. sometimes under the blanket if it was cold enough. now that kids are around, the cats are no where to be seen! they hide out all day long. no idea where they go, but they go. when silas is down for a nap or bed, they venture out slowly. peaking their heads around corners to make sure the coast is clear.

Mr. Jinx E. Fat Cat

Ms. Siss E. Smarty Cat

i feel sorry for them sometimes. when they do venture out during baby waking hours, it is with great caution. silas mischievous eyes is a good (possibly better) tracker/pouncer than they are. as soon as one of the cats closes its eyes in relaxation (thinking they are out of reach) silas goes into attack mode and a few minutes later...POUNCE! silas finds it hilarious, the cat goes back into hiding after hissing at my laughing boy. i should feel sorry for the poor cats, and make silas stop. but it is just soooo funny to watch.

Silas Mischievous Eyes

anyway, i didn't intend for this post to be about my cats. i started it because my feet are cold and i'm not happy about it. i hate wearing socks while indoors but sometimes it's just cold not to wear socks. fine. i'll wear a pair of socks to prevent frost bite. here's the thing about today though. i'm wearing socks and my feet are still cold! this means i either put on another pair of socks or wear house shoes WITH socks. since clean socks are a rare occurrence for me, i'm not wasting a pair to wear over another pair. so socks and house shoes it is. if i hate wearing socks while inside, i LOATHE wearing socks and shoes indoors. my feet get claustrophobic. not joking here people. when i'm wearing socks, i'm constantly stretching out and curling my toes because they feel all constricted. not fun. not fun at all.

get on with it mom. people are tired of reading about your feet!

now for a dramatic change of subject! my kids are great! for serious here people. elijah is interacting more and more each day, silas is learning to match pitch and mimic vowel sounds. silas has started spontaneous hugging and i love it. sometimes i'm taken off guard and get bowled over if i'm sitting on the floor, but i'll take it! elijah is swiftly becoming a daddy's boy. those two have a bond that i love watching. not that dave doesn't have a bond with silas, but this one is just different. it makes me all gushy and romantic-ish. which i will spare you from.

on to more pictures of the aforementioned kids! because we all know that's why you came here. not to read about my cats and feet, but to get your cuteness quota in for the day.

hope your day is full of living and loving!

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  1. Ah. Today, 7 days later, I come back to your blog and realize that it does not, in fact, say "Today is a good day for a cat food warmer." That's bothered me in the back of my mind this week. Why would she want a cat food warmer? She never mentioned cat food at all... I'm open to randomness in blog post titles, but it's nice to see that this one does make sense after all.
    Oh, and I can't leave without saying: cute, CUTE boys! I love your pictures. :-)