Sunday, August 29, 2010


we're moving. i'm admitting it, accepting it, and being WAY excited about it. we're buying a house. don't ask me how, because i have no clue other than to tell you it is a God thing. yes, i'm unemployed. yes, dave is as well. yes, all i have is unemployment for income. BUT i'm convinced that God would not have let things just fall in to place if it wasn't His plan.

you may recall me talking about moving back to small town, ky awhile back. that is what we are doing. we are going to be living right next door to my parents, which at first i WAS NOT thrilled about, but after looking at the pros and cons, really thinking about it, and praying HARD we're cool. we're excited. OH MY GOODNESS, I'M BUYING A HOUSE!

not going to lie. it's a fixer upper. there is lots of work to be done before we can even move in. carpet has to be ripped out, the entire house needs to be painted. (random side note: what is it with people decorating their bathrooms with ocean/seashell themes. i do not like this.) The Poet and i are going to be doing a bulk of the work. my dad is going to be doing some as well. i really think that putting all this work into the whole project will really make me appreciate it more. my 'sweat equity' made this house look amazing. i can be proud of that!

anyway, just a crazy update.

Friday, August 27, 2010

the world is right

i'm sitting in my comfy bed with a napping Bean in my lap and a snoring Poet beside me. i've done three loads of laundry and worked my way through half a pot of coffee. the good coffee. not just the regular coffee. the amazingly dry roasted hazelnut flavored black gold that i bought from my favorite coffee shop here in big town, ky. i save that coffee for special days.

what is so special about today? well...i'm not sure. maybe it's the fact that i'm finally settling in to my new role as a stay at home mom and wife. maybe it's the prospect of getting out of the house for the weekend and hanging with the parents in small town, ky. or maybe it's just that this little blonde haired (or maybe it's red), blue eyed wonder of a son just fits so perfectly into the crook of my neck. whatever it is, i'm grateful for the perfectly awesome flavor and boost of caffeine.

it could be that it just feels like fall today and that is enough to make any day at the end of summer special. this morning as i was taking some bills to the mailbox it was chilly. i almost went back in and got a sweater just so that the feeling of fall was complete. i stepped outside just now with a sleeping Bean nestled against me and i swear i could smell fall. the sky is that perfect shade of blue that looks amazing with the leaves against it and it wasn't too hot. i would have been perfectly comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. oh, and i saw my first brownish leaf drift lazily on the wind.

it is a special day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

we're moving. there i said it. we can't afford to stay where we are right now, so we're moving to little town, ky away from big town, ky. it won't be so bad. my parents will be close, and The Poet's parent's will be closer than they are now.

i've decided to look at all of this crazy not having a job thing as a blessing. i get to stay home with The Bean and i'm starting my masters in january. i'm excited about that. the entire masters program is online, except the exit exams. so i'll be home with The Bean during all that too. i never in my wildest dreams thought that i would be a stay at home mom. but here i am. i admit i get a little cabin fever on occasion, but it's nothing that a quick trip to the grocery store or afternoon matinee won't fix.

i don't have any more words, so i'll just post a pic of The Poet and the Bean!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

come home

today the hills are calling me home. they are calling me into their green arms like nothing has ever called me before. they send whispers on the winds from the east and i hear them as my hair gets whirled up around my face. the pink clouds at sunset sing and beg me to answer. the very ground itself, here in this city, seems to somehow be connected to my home and is sending me a message.

“bring your son to us,” they say. “he will be a child of the hills and trees. a play outside until dark little boy that scrapes his knees and stains his pants with green grass in his yard and not a park as you watch from the porch. a sit on the hot driveway eating dripping popsicles in the summer little boy. an adventurous sled down the big hill child in the deep winter.” it is hard to resist such a request. it is hard to remember my thoughts of not wanting to go back when that beautiful picture is painted. when a blonde hair, blue eyed vision swims before my eyes it is hard to remember why i moved to this place.

this place that is so different from home.
this place that holds precious memories for me.
this place that taught me to be independent and taught me who i am.
this place that i’ve struggled and thrived in.
this place that i began calling home when i first moved here.
this place that has lost it’s luster for me.

“bring your tired self to us,” they say. “you will remember being a child of the hills and a play outside until dark little girl. you will sit on a porch and drink coffee in the foggy morning dew. you will lay in bed beside your husband in the utter silence because there aren’t sirens blaring at 2:30 am. you will stare into the pitch black sky and see it sprinkled with stars, because here it gets dark enough to see the stars.”

it is hard to resist such a calling. i’m not sure if i can resist such a calling.