Thursday, August 19, 2010

we're moving. there i said it. we can't afford to stay where we are right now, so we're moving to little town, ky away from big town, ky. it won't be so bad. my parents will be close, and The Poet's parent's will be closer than they are now.

i've decided to look at all of this crazy not having a job thing as a blessing. i get to stay home with The Bean and i'm starting my masters in january. i'm excited about that. the entire masters program is online, except the exit exams. so i'll be home with The Bean during all that too. i never in my wildest dreams thought that i would be a stay at home mom. but here i am. i admit i get a little cabin fever on occasion, but it's nothing that a quick trip to the grocery store or afternoon matinee won't fix.

i don't have any more words, so i'll just post a pic of The Poet and the Bean!


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