Wednesday, June 15, 2011

wednesday morning thoughts

last night as i was laying in bed with my family, dave and i held hands over silas's little (well not so little anymore) body while he softly snored. we whispered about our day and what all i had to do to get ready to leave on thursday for a few days. we discussed his three days of bachelor-hood and how he was going to live off hot dogs and bologna and i got a little nauseous. i flipped into my sleeping position, half on my side half on my stomach propped up by a body pillow, and baby boy was swimming around. dave says it's because he knew he was there with his whole family. sweet.

i have no idea what we will do when the new baby comes in regards to sleeping arrangements. call me a bad parent and question our decision to co-sleep all you want, but we love sleeping as a family. it feels natural and is what a whole big lot of the world does already. the problem is that i have to have a repeat c-section and i'm not sure i want silas squirming around all night while i'm trying to recover from major abdominal surgery. i don't think it would be good for either of us. so we need to figure something out. he HATES the crib and refuses to sleep in it. he'll sleep in the pack and play for a few hours, but not through the night like he does if he sleeps with us. oh well. we'll wing it. that's what we've been doing so far in this crazy thing called parenting.

i'm half-way there. the cook time for this new little guy is already half-way done. i can't even fathom it. i mean, i know i'm pregnant (thank you constant bathroom going and growing belly for reminding me) and that this baby is coming in october. i know that. i know that silas is going to have a little brother. i know lots and lots of things. it just seems so...not real. does that even make sense?

anyway, enough brooding. a LIST!

-i wish i could eat an entire watermelon. not a slice. not a few slices. THE ENTIRE THING!
-dutch is almost a year old. how in the world did that happen?
-i'm helping my dad photograph my cousin's wedding in PA this weekend. i am not looking forward to the long drives. i'll be so swollen my legs will look like an elephant. oh well! should be fun. that wasn't supposed to be sarcastic...if it was.
-silas has this crazy obsession with balls. he will chase a ball around the room forever!
-i'm hungry. all.the.time.
-i have a pile of laundry that needs done. asap.
-i finally found this cute pair of sandals that actually fit around my ankles and have a cute buckle. i'm really wanting to wear them to the wedding, but if i swell up then i won't be able to wear them and it's regular old flip flops for me! is it bad that i'm going to be wearing flip flops to a wedding? i'm pregnant! if they don't like it...why am i even worried. they aren't going to be caring about my footwear! the happy couple have much more on their minds!
-i think that is enough for now!

i hope your day is full of living and loving!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

a house full of boys!

we went today for the big gender reveal ultrasound. we will welcome another little boy in mid october. i'm excited for the brother relationship that will ensue with two little boys. i think i'm going to love being the mama of boys!

in other news, silas is FINALLY cutting his first tooth. he hasn't been cranky about it at all either. i actually probably wouldn't have noticed except my mom was hear today and he was gnawing on her finger and she felt it. so all in one day we have a tooth and another little boy. it's been exciting in this house today!

after our appointment today, we made a trip to walmart to do some grocery shopping. we have a swiper! well, silas didn't really swipe a book, i was waiting for dave and i picked up this cool little dino book. i gave it to silas to look at for a few minutes while i read the back of a book that i'm kind of interested in. anyway, dave came back and i finished up reading the back of my book. i turned back to silas and saw that he didn't have the book. i thought that maybe dave had taken it from him and put it back. when we got home, as we were unloading the bags, i realized he must have thrown it into the cart when i wasn't looking. i'm sure it won't be the last time i pay for some small item that i wasn't expecting to pay for. at least it was a really cool book!

hope your day is full of living and loving!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

eleven months

can you even believe that my little is eleven (ELEVEN?!) months old? it is 12:30 am on june 1 and i'm thinking about my boy who is asleep upstairs with his daddy. he's eleven months old. i can't believe that!

which also leads me to think about baby number 2. we've only got about 4 months until they make their debut!

my brain is CRAZY right now. that's all i've got for now. more later today/tomorrow.