Thursday, June 9, 2011

a house full of boys!

we went today for the big gender reveal ultrasound. we will welcome another little boy in mid october. i'm excited for the brother relationship that will ensue with two little boys. i think i'm going to love being the mama of boys!

in other news, silas is FINALLY cutting his first tooth. he hasn't been cranky about it at all either. i actually probably wouldn't have noticed except my mom was hear today and he was gnawing on her finger and she felt it. so all in one day we have a tooth and another little boy. it's been exciting in this house today!

after our appointment today, we made a trip to walmart to do some grocery shopping. we have a swiper! well, silas didn't really swipe a book, i was waiting for dave and i picked up this cool little dino book. i gave it to silas to look at for a few minutes while i read the back of a book that i'm kind of interested in. anyway, dave came back and i finished up reading the back of my book. i turned back to silas and saw that he didn't have the book. i thought that maybe dave had taken it from him and put it back. when we got home, as we were unloading the bags, i realized he must have thrown it into the cart when i wasn't looking. i'm sure it won't be the last time i pay for some small item that i wasn't expecting to pay for. at least it was a really cool book!

hope your day is full of living and loving!

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  1. We just found out we're welcoming our 4th boy! well, one lives with his mother, but!