Monday, January 31, 2011

the christmas stool

this is silas (or dutch as i call him in my sidebar) with his christmas present from his papaw. it's a small stool, like a step stool or something like that. my dad made it for him a special piece of walnut, and i want to share the story of this stool.

so without further ado:

the story of the christmas stool

several years ago, back when my grandpa was in relatively good health, my uncle dan wanted to log part of his property so that he could build a barn. uncle dan enlisted the help of his two brothers and his father to get the job done. i can just imagine the three brothers and their dad all together. grandpa in his finest i-know-how-to-do-this-so-listen-to-me-boys mood and the boys anxious to spend the day with their dad. apparently they spent the day doing back breaking work and cleared the area just like uncle dan wanted.

during the course of their logging, they came upon a walnut tree. my grandpa was a furniture maker and his favorite wood to work with was walnut. so they saved this tree and had it processed (or whatever it is you have to do to make trees into lumber to use) and gave it all to my grandpa. i'm sure he used it to make beautiful furniture for his sweetheart (i can't verify this, but that's what i like to think happened to that wood) a couple years after my grandpa passed away my uncle dan came to my dad with a piece of walnut and explained that it was from the tree that they had logged with grandpa. dad gladly accepted it and put it away for something special.

well, silas entered the picture and dad started thinking about what he could get his first grandson for christmas. he couldn't think of anything that screamed 'special' and was getting a bit upset about it. he happened upon the walnut panel in his shop and decided he would make something for silas. so with a nod to his dad, who made very similar stools for his grandchildren many years ago, he made this stool for silas. a gift from him and his dad.

but that's not the end of the story. dad did not have the tools, nor talent (maybe?) to do the writing on the stool. he wanted to put silas's name and the date on it, but didn't have a way to do it. so he and my mom took a trip to the smokey mountains and found a wood carver. the carver didn't really want to do the carving since walnut was such a hard wood. he was afraid he would mess it up. dad assured him that if he did mess it up it wouldn't be that big of a deal, even though dad was praying that this man wouldn't ruin his special piece of wood. the carver finally agreed and did a wonderful job!

when he was done the carver was pleased with how it turned out. dad then proceeded to tell him how special the wood was and how it came to be so special and what it was for. the carver refused payment and just asked that when the story of this stool was told that he got added to the story.

that is the story. i may not have written it in the most interesting, readable fashion but there it is. mostly for my memory and for silas. if you enjoyed it, then it's just icing on the cake!

new on MamaLatte365

i've posted day two of the 365 project! go check it out!


so i'm starting a 365 project a little late. i know most people start these types of things at the beginning of the year, but i've never been one to do what most people do. so go check it out and join me if you want!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the home office

so since i started taking classes towards my masters, i needed my own space to work and spread out. working on the couch from my laptop just wasn't doing it for me. i kept getting distracted. so we turned our 'dining room' into a home office-ish space. it's working out well. except, i still kind of get distracted. this could be the reason:

why yes, i can take your call
i said i could take your call, but that doesn't mean i'm going to be quiet about it!

the family that blogs together....uh logs hours together...

we have got to get this under control. i mean really mom! i'm going to need my own space to be able to work effciently.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

confessions of a new mommy

1. at 7:30 am i get the little from the crib and bring him to bed with me so he can play and i can get a few extra minutes.

2. i have used the television for a babysitter on more than once occassion. it doesn't happen often, but when i really need to get something done (like finish up an assignment for school) a veggietales video gets popped in and the little goes in the exersaucer.

3. i don't read to my son every night. i really want him to be a reader and i know right now is the time to set up that habit, but i get so busy that most of the time he's lucky if he gets a bath.

4. sometimes i really don't feel like doing the whole production of getting him in the high chair to feed him some baby food, so i give him another bottle. in my defence, breastmilk or formula should make up the majority of their diet until they are one.

5. i laugh at him when he's pooping. i can't help it. he makes the funniest faces and turns all red. cracks me up!

6. he wore christmas pajamas last night because there were no other clean sleepers. oh, and i still have up some christmas decorations.

7. i'm feeling overwhelmed by being a full time student and being a full time mom. yes, my classes are all online, but that doesn't mean they take up less of my time.

8. i took a shower today. i hadn't had one since sunday. it was time!

9. sometimes i get angry when he wakes up in the middle of the night, acts all hungry and stuff, and then only drinks a few sips from his bottle before conking back out. but it's hard to stay mad at someone as cute as he is.

10. sometimes we stay in pajamas all day long (i'm talking both of us) because i'm too lazy to find a pair of socks for him. if he doesn't get dressed, neither do i. actually sometimes he does get dressed but i don't.

Monday, January 24, 2011

i'm going to blame the lack of posts on my alter-ego:

that's right ladies and gents, supermom has been able to keep up with a baby, cook, clean-ish, travel, bake, and get the first week of grad classes underway! but apparently blogging is not one of my super powers...or it could be that i haven't had an internet connection since october unless i went to my parent's house.

anyway, hopefully i'll be back to blogging on a semi-regular basis now! i may not be a supermom, but i've got a cute kid!