Wednesday, January 26, 2011

confessions of a new mommy

1. at 7:30 am i get the little from the crib and bring him to bed with me so he can play and i can get a few extra minutes.

2. i have used the television for a babysitter on more than once occassion. it doesn't happen often, but when i really need to get something done (like finish up an assignment for school) a veggietales video gets popped in and the little goes in the exersaucer.

3. i don't read to my son every night. i really want him to be a reader and i know right now is the time to set up that habit, but i get so busy that most of the time he's lucky if he gets a bath.

4. sometimes i really don't feel like doing the whole production of getting him in the high chair to feed him some baby food, so i give him another bottle. in my defence, breastmilk or formula should make up the majority of their diet until they are one.

5. i laugh at him when he's pooping. i can't help it. he makes the funniest faces and turns all red. cracks me up!

6. he wore christmas pajamas last night because there were no other clean sleepers. oh, and i still have up some christmas decorations.

7. i'm feeling overwhelmed by being a full time student and being a full time mom. yes, my classes are all online, but that doesn't mean they take up less of my time.

8. i took a shower today. i hadn't had one since sunday. it was time!

9. sometimes i get angry when he wakes up in the middle of the night, acts all hungry and stuff, and then only drinks a few sips from his bottle before conking back out. but it's hard to stay mad at someone as cute as he is.

10. sometimes we stay in pajamas all day long (i'm talking both of us) because i'm too lazy to find a pair of socks for him. if he doesn't get dressed, neither do i. actually sometimes he does get dressed but i don't.


  1. Ha! I think we'd get along very well. You sound so normal to me.

  2. i'm starting to think that maybe i am somewhat normal! :o)

  3. Found you through my blog, renegademothering. This is great. I've done ALL these things, over all three kids, numerous times. There's always such a huge discrepancy between the mother I THINK I should be and the one that I am...but I love them so much, I don't think I'm totally blowing it. Or maybe I am. AGH!