Friday, October 15, 2010


there are many things that i have discovered while being completely disconnected from the world (i have no television or internet at our new place). i’m learning that devoting almost every waking moment to my son is as rewarding as anything that i have done in my life. i’m learning that i feel a great sense of accomplishment by doing seven loads of laundry and only running the dryer twice. thus making my laundry smell amazing and saving money because i didn’t run the dryer that much.

i’m learning that wearing a baby keeps us all happy and i can get soooo much more accomplished. i’m also learning what cries mean what. there is a certain hungry cry, a change me cry, a hold me please cry, and a i’m so sleepy cry. i often wonder how i’m learning all these things so much easier now. is it because i am closeted away from civilization and don’t have eight million distractions, or if it’s just my motherly instinct kicking in.

i’m learning to live slower. to take my time over dinner and to have conversations with my husband while we do the supper dishes. i’m learning what it means to actually be still.

i’m relearning what it sounds like to go to bed without hearing sirens and being able to see even the tiniest stars because it’s so dark that they even show up.

i guess i’m just learning to be a mom, a wife, and me. i’m learning to enjoy life to the fullest.

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