Monday, August 29, 2011

dear elijah,

i find it funny that you choose the times when your brother is silent to make yourself known. when he's quietly drifting off to sleep in my lap, you start doing jumping jacks. or when he's finally full on asleep for the night, that's when you decide to get my attention. are you already figuring out that he's a blabber mouth and you have to wait patiently for him to hush so you can get a word in? it never fails, if silas is being loud, you are quiet. if silas is being quiet, you are jumping around like a crazy man. i love it.

rest assured, though, that if silas refuses to let you talk i'll step in! i won't let you be the brother that just sits by and does whatever big bro says. no siree! i want two strong willed sons! and even if that means that i have a shouting match or two on my hands, at least i know that you are sticking up for yourself buddy. you are telling your brother that you matter too and that your ideas are just as valid and good!

i really am wondering about you though. what color hair will you have? will your eyes be blue or some other color? will you be the quieter one? the planner? the calculator? silas just goes head first into everything without thinking it through. granted, he's only 13 months old but that's how he seems. will you walk and talk quicker than he did simply because you want to keep up? it is my prayer that you will be you. that i can help you find who that is. that you can be confident in your skin and own your self.

elijah, son of my heart, i love you. my second born. the boy that will make me a mama of two. the boy that i will protect fiercely, pray for daily, and always (always) love.


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