Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 things i am thankful for

first off, happy thanksgiving everyone! i'm looking forward to spending the afternoon with family and then taking a nap. well, i'll take a nap provided my boys cooperate. so i guess that part is still up in the air!

on to my list of thankful things (in no particular order):

1. Jesus Christ, my savior and best friend
2. my husband
3. silas
4. elijah
5. pumpkin desserts
6. the internet
7. music
8. good friends
9. baby formula
10. mr. jinx e. fat cat
11. ms. siss e. lazy cat
12. veggietales
13. vehicles that run
14. my mom and dad
15. extended family
16. facebook
17. the health of little family
18. good coffee
19. seasonal creamers
20. the ability to read and write
21. unsolicited hugs and kisses from silas
22. my christian upbringing
23. medical professionals
24. the ability to heat my house
25. the Bible
26. pandora internet radio
27. huggies overnight diapers
28. love in all its shapes and sizes
29. blogger
30. the moments where silas is very gentle and loving with elijah

i could go on and on about what i am thankful for, but i needed to put a number on it so that i would know when i was done. i hope your thanksgiving is full of living and loving and that you tell everyone important to you that you love them!

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  1. That's awesome thank you list, I'm so much grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ he is in the top if I make a list. No words can explain how much I thank him. Thanks Sarah for sharing your awesome list I'll have mine too.