Friday, November 18, 2011

10 things i can't live without

1. ring sling - the picture shown is a maya wrap, but i use a sling from sleeping baby productions. it is a must with silas running around elijah wanting to be held a bunch. life saver!
2. swaddleme blanket - elijah is jumpy and startles himself awake if his arms aren't nice and snug. silas was the same way!
3. hazelnut creamer - my go to flavor! enough said.
4. munchkin snack traps - keeps snacks accessible but not messable. ha!  seriously though i hand that back to silas while driving and he's happy with a snack and i'm happy the snack doesn't end up all over the place and in elijah's carseat. 
5. pandora internet radio - lullaby channel for the win! it calms both my boys and helps keep me sane. it's not all the same lullabies over and over and most of them are by artists that i actually like. they aren't all kidd-ish.
6. my husband - he lets me sleep in when he has time off. he keeps silas occupied in the evenings so that i can actually get some stuff done. he is on baby duty every night during a certain time so i can get silas down for the count. 
7. fisher price infant to toddler rocker - it saved my life with silas and it's doing the same thing with elijah. it vibrates and is sort of a bassinet of sorts. great for naps during the day. i can also hold silas and rock this thing with my foot to keep both boys happy. 
8. veggietales - this can pretty much guarantee me 30 - 45 minutes when i need them. they also can help calm silas down when he's throwing a fit. plus they don't annoy me like other kid shows. 
9. burts bees chapstick - only one person really knows this, but my lips are kissably soft! and i credit this to mr. burt and his bees.
10. my boys - elijah may only be a month old, but i can't imagine my life without these two boys! they make my days bright and challenging and beautiful and stressful and i wouldn't change it for the world!  


  1. Aw, that's sweet! I want to try a sling with this new baby, but I'm feeling pretty intimidated by it all.

  2. harlowe - a ring sling has a slight learning curve, but once you get got it! i love the sleeping baby ones. they are AWESOME!

  3. I love this post! :)
    I also love the swaddle me blanket- my daughter instantly calms down when I wrap her in it. :)