Monday, June 21, 2010

10 things i love about summer vacation

i'm a teacher and, of course, have my summers off. i love summer. not just because it's a non-work environment, but because of all the things you do in summer that you don't get to experience most times out of the year. so without further ado, 10 things i love about summer:

1. random thunderstorms that spring up out of nowhere and present the perfect conditions for a nap.
2. sleeping until i wake up, without the assistance of an alarm clock.
3. snuggling on the couch with The Poet and the cats.
4. iced coffee. i normally am a 'drink it hot' kind of girl, but in the sweltering humidity of kentucky and icy cold beverage is WONDERFUL.
5. baseball
6. cookouts/barbecues
7. turning on the AC at night and cuddling under a blanket.
8. fireflies
9. summer blockbusters
10. fresh fruit. the prices are always so much better in the summer. not to mention the taste!

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  1. P.S. I was a high school/middle school teacher before I became a full time mom. Only teachers know what teachers go through...I get it. Enjoy your summer!