Wednesday, September 15, 2010

becoming un-anonymous

there is a fresh pot of coffee that i just poured a perfect cup from, i have a squiggly baby in my lap and my husband is off doing something...hopefully packing. so far today is a spectacular day!

i started this blog so that i could be anonymous. i wanted to write what i wanted, when i wanted, and didn't want anyone from my real life to know about it. then i realized that i wasn't writing anything that i wanted to hide and if i needed write something extremely personal, i went to old faithful: my real journal. you know, the kind you write in with a pen! i also made the mistake of following a few family members' blogs with this account. but like i said before. no big deal.

i still update my other blog, but i find that i like this one better. so here i am. let me re-introduce myself.

i'm sarah, wife to dave, and momma silas. i am a champion one handed typist and love a good cup of coffee. welcome to my blog. hope you stick around for the long haul!

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