Thursday, September 16, 2010

with the risk of sounding like a broken record...

i'm going to do another post about being a mom. hey, don't hate! i'm new to this new thing called being a momma and it kind of takes up a lot of my thinking time.

i'm not going to lie. i never thought i would be a stay at home momma. i always thought i would be the working mom. the mom who worked 7:30 am - 3:00 pm (being a teacher), came home, snuggled a baby, kissed a husband, baked cookies, washed two loads of laundry, played with a baby while all that is happening and then snuggle with The Poet in bed while we talked about our day.

well, that's not quite how it worked out. actually that picture that is painted in the previous paragraph isn't even close to what our day is like right now. here's a glimpse into the day of sarah, The Poet, and Dutch:

6:00 am - Dutch cries, momma feeds him
6:20 ish - momma changes a very wet, full diaper
6:30 ish - dutch and momma go downstairs for some momma appropriate breakfast. dutch gets put in the mei tai carrier and momma eats some cereal and roams around the internet.
7:00 ish - play time on the activity mat which sometimes includes reading books and rolling from our tummies to our backs
7:30 ish - family snuggle time in the bed which usually always ends up in all three of us taking a nap
10:00 ish - we have second breakfast (with a nod to pippin!) a change of diaper, and dutch gets put in the mei tai again.
from here on out it's eat every 3-4 hours, do laundry, wash bottles, make silly faces, box the elephant, pass the baby back and forth (because whoever is holding him when he starts grunting has to change the poopy mess!), and packing up boxes for our move.
8:00 pm ish - start the bedtime routine. it's either a bath in the infant tub from The Poet or in the shower with mommy, book, bottle, swaddle, bottom patted (Dutch's not mine) until eyes get heavy, then he's down for the count!
9:00 pm ish - let the husband wife time commence!

exciting huh?

anyway, a list...just because i still have words running around in my head and i'm not sleepy! WHY AM I NOT SLEEPY!

-people really should mind their own business. if i choose to wear my baby in a carrier, it is my choice. i'm not putting my son in danger, so back off lady!
-i never knew baby drool would be so cute. (get back to me on that in a few days when the newness wears off and i've changed about one billion outfits due to them all being soaked from the waist up)
-babies somehow make everything better
-i still hate doing laundry. even if it is full of cute little clothes and perfect little socks. still don't like folding it!
-i am a fan of pen to paper writing. something about it soothes me. i've started a 'Dear Silas' journal where i'm writing letters and memories and pasting pictures and his first band aids. i'm weird.
-i'm done. going to force my eyes closed!


  1. This is so sweet because it is so real. I can see how someone who hasn't had a child yet would read your "list" and say "Man, that has to be BORING" but there are so many funny things that happen during each day that keep you on your toes. When I thought about staying home before Abby, I thought I would be bored, but I NEVER am LOL, sometimes I am overstimulated just like she is...I love reading about your journey through Mommyhood!!

  2. @Julia - i am constantly on my toes and he's not even mobile yet!

  3. Did someone really tell you you shouldn't be wearing Silas in a carrier? So weird.
    I enjoy reading about your love of being a mom. I loved that I got to be a stay-at-home mom with all of my kids, and I'm so glad that you get a chance to experience (and enjoy!) that too.

  4. @ten4ruthie - yes, i have had several people tell me things like "don't you know that those things kill babies?" or "that doesn't look safe at all. are you sure he's going to be okay?" i know when the one sling got recalled there was a whole big bunch of bad press when it comes to wearing babies, but i've done my research. i know it's safe. people are just weird!

  5. Don't apologize for mama posts...that's where you are! Love your posts and love the name Silas. And that you put him in a carrier. :)