Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i'm alive!

i am not dead and i have not fallen off the face of the planet! i have been staying away from my blog because every time i sit down to write, there is only one thing i can think to write about. and i’ve been trying to keep it a secret until a certain point. that point being being once i was was safely into the second trimester. that’s right. i said trimester! I PREGNANT! (again) there, i’m proclaiming it to the interwebs and with this proclamation, expect to see a bit more of me!

there is, actually, much to talk about. i have a crawler who crawls all over the place. he’s pulling up and cruising along all the furniture and every little fall is a complete crisis. he still doesn’t have any teeth, but he is eating a good amount of table food. his favorites being pasta, cheese, toast, yogurt, and chex. he’s his mama’s son! he fake sneezes as soon as you do, laughs with his whole body and smiles with his whole face. he’s my heart!

i’m up to my eyeballs in school work and i can’t wait until it’s over for the summer! i’ve got decent grades, but i’m finding that the perfection i craved in my undergraduate studies isn’t really on my priority list. yes, i care about my grades....but well, it’s different this time around. i’ve also bit off more than i can chew. what in the heck was i thinking taking 12 credit hours and having a child running around?! i’m hoping for a 3.0. sounds crazy coming from me, who used to hope for a 4.0. but it is what it is and i’m perfectly okay with that!

my boy is going to be a big brother! the boy who made me a mama has about six more months of my undivided attention before a new bundle comes. sometimes i think “what am i thinking?! having two under two?!” that’s two times the diapers. two times the crying. two times the smiles. and two times the love! i’m excited to see how this new little will fit into our lives. silas just fit. as soon as he came to be, it was like he had always been there. sure there were ups, downs, and oh my goodness-es, but he made population 2 population 3. this little will make us population 4, and we’re excited about that!


  1. congratulations! I also had 2 under I have one who just turned 2 and a 9 month old...and it's definitely crazy sometimes but it's absolutely wonderful! My daughters adore eachother! Congrats again!

  2. congrats! and happy you're alive! i'm terrified of the idea of having two young ones, but then thinking about them running around together, close in age and playing is really appealing. I'm still planning to wait for a while, but where i once thought i would never have another has grown some space for the possibility... can't wait to read more!