Thursday, April 28, 2011

it's raining and other lessons

so much for blogging on a regular basis huh? technically, i guess i didn’t say how often you would hear from me, so i guess i shouldn’t feel guilty! that’s what i’m telling myself anyway. cause i got no room for guilt in this life of mine!

tonight silas and i are sleeping in a different room than dave. no one is in a dog house, so don’t jump to conclusions. in our spare room, the porch’s roof is right outside the window. the bed is right under that window. our roof is tin. it’s raining tonight. do i really need to explain any further? it’s been raining for several nights you say. it is unknown to me why i haven’t thought of this sooner. dave doesn’t get the the whole “fall asleep listening to the rain on the tin roof” thing. he’d rather sleep in our bed with our fan with our sheets and covers. so the boy and i abandoned him tonight! i mean, i’m so excited about sleeping in that room that i didn’t even put silas in his bed first. i just put him to bed in the spare room! i’m being bad!

i will teach my son to love the rain. now that it’s warm and my dad has brought us my porch swing, we sit on the porch and listen to it rain. he’s not afraid when it gets loud on the roof or when the wind blows hard or when the thunder cracks really loud. i let my boy put his hands in the drips from the gutters and when it’s warmer this summer, we will dance in the rain. if it’s raining during nap times, we high tail it the spare room and he falls asleep to that beautiful pitter patter. i’ll teach him to drink hot coffee (well, probably hot chocolate until he’s a bit older) when it’s raining and to curl up under a blanket with a good book. I’ll teach him that the best time to nap is when it’s raining and if you can hear it...well, those are the best naps.

enough about raining and naps and what i will be teaching my son. i am teaching my son to give high fives. we’re very close. i can get him to touch my hand when i say “give me five!” it’s not a smack though and he won’t do it to anyone else, but we’re getting there!

i went to the baby doc today. everything is going good. lost a little weight because of the diet i was put on. i have gestational diabetes again and with that diagnosis comes a diet that i really should stick to. it lost a bunch of weight after silas was born by sticking to that diet. i’m sure i won’t be losing anymore though. i did the same thing with my last pregnancy though. as soon as i started the diet, i lost a bit of weight and then kind of just stayed steady. so that’s good i guess!

hope you guys are doing spectacular! good night/day/evening/whenever!!!

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  1. One day this week, I watched Judah take a book out onto our "peace porch" to sit and read in the rain. Seeing your child love one of your favorite things really is amazing.