Friday, July 29, 2011

i'm a proud mama today!

i have known for a few months that silas isn't allergic to peanuts. he's had peanut butter on toast and bananas, but i hadn't given him the true test yet. will he eat, and enjoy, peanut butter on pancakes? the answer is yes. yes he does! for breakfast this morning he had three quarters of a large pancake schmutzed with peanut butter, five grapes, and a sippy cup full of water.

i have converted my husband to the club of peanut butter on pancakes while we were still dating and i am very glad! my parents are a house divided. my dad smears the peanut buttery goodness all over his pancakes and waffles while my mom turns up her nose and spreads regular old butter. thankfully this is not cause for distress in their marriage!

let's just hope that elijah (have a shared that yet? the new baby will be elijah grey!) likes peanut butter on his pancakes. i don't think i could handle a house divided. no matter how much of an example my parents are!

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  1. Thanks for following my blog! I believe I found you on bbc as well, ha ha. Your whole coffee theme just reeled me in. I've got an Eli over here, too, but it's just plain Eli. Hubby got me turned on to pb on french toast and I just can't get enough, is it sooooooo good, and Eli loves it too. Congrats on your number two as well! Last night hubby just made sure I was taking my vitamins everyday so I think he's coming around, ha ha.