Saturday, July 30, 2011

in three months

so everyone has wondered where they will be in five years. or maybe your number of choice is ten years. whatever. that's not the point. the point is that we spend time thinking about the future. we set goals and make notes and give time lines and plan like dickens! (what is 'the dickens' anyway?) we plan it all out like we have control or something. we spend hours laying in bed beside our husbands whispering things like "when we have this done" or "when the kids get older" or "when we are out of debt" and dream away our lives. and that is a sad thing, to dream away your life.

am i saying that it is bad to plan and scheme and figure things out for the future? uhhh....BIG NOPE! did you read the post a few days ago? i'm preaching to myself here. yes we need plans and goals and time lines and dickened plans! but not at the cost of the moment. the right now awesome in your face life that happens every second of every day.

in three months i'll, more than likely, i'll have a week old baby and a fifteen month old. (please say a prayer for me!) in three months my son's life will forever change. he'll be a big brother and no longer the baby. i'm trying my hardest to live for every second. i'm making memories with just him. documenting his history as an only child. i'm putting dirt into a kiddy pool and adding water just so that i have a memory of him all by himself covered in ooey gooey mud (true story).

the weeks before silas was born i craved every single second of dave's attention. now in the weeks and months before elijah gets here i crave every single second of silas's attention. i want to make the most of every, single moment. remember every single hug. burn images into my mind of every smile.

with someone this cute that's not so hard though!

carpe diem folks!


  1. Sarah, you are an amazing writer! You put a mom's feelings into words beautifully. The pictures of Silas are darling!

  2. Oh, he is a cutie! And, you certainly do have a way with words :)

    Glad I have a new blog to follow!