Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear God,

i love coffee. i really do. it is my sanity first thing in the morning. i am so thankful that you gave whoever it was the idea to grind coffee beans and brew them. thank you for heavy whipping cream that makes my beverage a wonderfully creamy brown. thank you for my wonderful coffee pot that keeps up with my needs and doesn't complain.

i hate to complain about anything. i really do, but my hands are in a constant state of frozen. recently, i have taken to holding my mug for extended periods of time so that my hands can thaw. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could we please have some iced coffee weather? weather that allows my hands to be normal body temperature and allows me to enjoy a wonderfully ice filled coffee? i would really appreciate that.

i do understand, though, if that's not your will for the middle of febuary, but i've been taught to come to you with my concerns.

thank you God,

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  1. oh hello there, and welcome to the inside of my brain! I am drinking my coffee as we speak (haven't gotten around to breakfast yet)and thank the heavens that someone invented "bean juice"!

    The weather is pretty mild here in Seattle, but I'm still warming my icicle fingers on my cup and wishing for summer!