Friday, May 27, 2011

i can't sleep because of lint balls!

i seriously have been sitting here for like 20 minutes trying to figure out what to write about. i haven't written in awhile, and i know you have just been on pins and needles waiting for me to put fingertips to keyboard keys and bust out a post. sorry to keep you waiting for so long! :o)

i was lying in bed all comfy cozy, but then i started thinking about the clothes that i put in the dryer before i went upstairs. then i started thinking about that stupid commercial about how lint balls are extremely flammable and that you should routinely inspect and clean your vents. well, i don't know how to routinely inspect or clean my vents and thus i became paranoid. all i could do was lay there and think of different ways that we would get out of this house if it went up in flames. i was tossing and turning and praying that these images of my house going up in flames and dave and i jumping from our porch roof and one of us throwing silas to the other once they were on the ground would just leave me alone, but they didn't. so what did i do? i came down stairs and now i'm waiting for the dryer to go off so that i can sleep in peace knowing that my lint balls aren't going to go up in flames.

praise the Lord, there was the buzzer!

ever since i had silas i CANNOT help but think of these crazy things. this winter i was terrified that one of us would kick the blanket off the bed and that it would get to close to the space heater and catch fire. then there was the week that i was convinced that a mouse was going to climb through a hole in my upstairs floor and get into bed with silas and bite him. now i'm afraid that somehow there will be a snake in my house and that my dryer is going to burst into flames. who knows what i'm going to be terrified of this fall! i think i'm going crazy, or i'm just a mom. i haven't figured it out yet. i'll let you know when i do.

hope your day/night/morning/afternoon/whenever you are reading this is full of living and loving!


  1. you are one of my top five favorite relatives :) I know I don't get home as often as I should but I just wanted you to know I love you. you are a good mom Sarah and Silas and his sister or brother to be is lucky to have you! I don't think you are crazy to worry about exploding dryers or mouse bites...I think you're just a mom who wants her baby(ies) to be safe.

    p.s. you are great.

  2. this sounds like a serious case of mommy/pregnancy brain! i had the same kind of weird dreams and thoughts when i was pregnant, and as a new mom - now you've got it all wrapped into one! we're living right now in a kind of creaky old-ish house (well, old for the moldy NW at least!) and some nights when I'm awake nursing I hear a creak or see a shadow pass over the skylight in the hallway and think "OMG THERE'S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE". Of course there never is, but sometimes I still almost wake the Mountain Man up to protect us. After the first few times I've learned to hold my breath, lay perfectly still and wait to hear more footsteps (which of course I never do). Ugh. Remember those days when we used to be able to crawl into bed, enjoy some adult time and drift off to a deep, uninterrupted sleep? I wish I had enjoyed it more when I had it!