Tuesday, May 10, 2011

porch sitting and rain watching

tonight, before it started raining, i took dutch (ha! haven't called the little that in a while) out to the porch. it was lightning and thundering, but not thundering very loud yet. we sat on the swing and watched. the poet (i guess i'm feeling nostalgic tonight) joined us after a bit. dutch watched and clapped his hands at the light and sound show. he loves when the wind blows his hair all around his face.

every time it rains, especially if there is thunder and lightning, i take dutch out to the porch for a bit. i have two reasons for this. the first being that i think if i expose him to the storms now, he won't be terrified of thunder storms when he's older. loud fireworks? not a problem, this little has been exposed to booming thunder and flashing lightning since he was itty bitty! that's my thinking anyway. we'll see if it works out. the second, and more important, reason is that i need a porch sitting, rain watching buddy. the poet humors me on occasion and joins me while i watch and listen to it rain, but he would rather be doing something else. i appreciate when he comes, but i want someone out there with me that loves it as much as i do. so i'm conditioning dutch to like the rain! i mean, i go as far as sleeping in a different room with him if it's raining. the guest room is the best room in the house for rain sleeping. and if there's one thing i love just as much as porch sitting and rain watching, it's bed laying and rain sleeping!

who knows if it will work for me. i'm hoping that i'll end up with a boy that cuddles with me on the porch swing as we watch the rain roll in. maybe he'll ask me questions about the sky and the grass. or maybe we'll talk about veggietales and dragons. the ultimate hope is that one day, after he's moved out, he'll come back and sit on the porch with me. then we'll talk about life and love and pursuing happiness. we'll drink mugs of rich coffee with cream and he'll tell me all about his adventures.

a girl can dream, right?!

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  1. I so miss the thunder storms of the east coast, the whallop of a rain drop on my face. i miss the humid breeze just before a storm comes in. we have rain here (but a constant drizzle, not "real" rain) and we occasionally have skinny, scrawny little lightning bolts and a few claps of thunder. I really really miss that! Sit on your porch and soak it up!