Tuesday, October 11, 2011

if i were a perfect mother...

-i would have already sterilized the new baby's bottles.

-i would have broken my son's current habit of having to be held to go to sleep.

-i would have already sorted through all the little tiny boy clothes so that new baby's stuff was all ready to go.

-i would have stocked up on gas drops. because if this baby is anything like silas, then heaven help us! i'm going to need those drops.

-i would have kept up with silas's baby book. i'm so not a scrapbooker.

-i would have my house cleaned top to bottom and my hospital bag sitting next to the door. just in case i go earlier than expected.

-i would put off homework in favor of an extra snuggle before bedtime.

-i would get in the floor and play with legos regardless of the fact that i feel like a baby is getting ready to fall out of me.

-i would have given my child a bath tonight instead of a wipe down and a lotion up.

-i wouldn't have gotten angry when my child threw his food all over the floor.

-i wouldn't have cared that my laptop got knocked off the desk and onto the floor.

-i wouldn't have put in a second veggietales video just so i could finish my paper on sibling relationships and birth order.

it's a good thing perfection doesn't exsist. here's to hoping that it's okay to just be a good mother!


  1. That's what I strive for, to just be a good mother. I know I'm not perfect, but at the end of the day I'm pretty sure Eli knows I love him (I hope).

  2. I was trying to think of an encouraging response to this, but I have no idea what to say. Want to hear my current list of "If I were a perfect mother?" If I was, I'd... have a family game night at least once a week .... go in my kids' rooms with them when they're playing instead of taking that opportunity to read a book or work on a project ... teach them to pray every night at bedtime instead of repeating our traditional poem prayer ... make them brush their teeth every morning and every night ... go on bike rides with them ... read to them every night, even when I feel tired or grouchy ... not yell at them when they make normal kid mistakes ... i'd be able to answer the question "what are you kids working on in school this year?" ... i'd play in the sand (or dirtpile) with them ... have conversations with them in the car instead of letting them zone out with the dvd player ... i'd write them letters and file them away on the computer, so if i died suddenly, they'd have a stash of words that say how much i love them ... i'd print photos and put them into albums so they could relive memories together ... and the list could go on. But I love those kids! And they love me. And the beautiful thing is: they don't know what a lousy mother they have. :-) So far they seem to focus on the positive and forgive everything else. So.... here's to hoping that it's okay to just be a good mother.