Thursday, October 13, 2011

to receive a package...and mama emotions

i have long had a love affair with real mail. there is something special about getting a handwritten note from a special friend. you get a little thrill at the sight of their handwriting amid the pile of junk mail and bills. my walk back from the mailbox is always a bit more peppy when i get a real letter!

so how in the world do you think i feel when my mailman actually knocks on my door and hands me a package that i didn't order, or wasn't expecting? it's like the heavens open up and the most beautiful version of the Hallelujah Chorus trumpets from the clouds. i'm serious here people. i LOVE getting a package from a friend.

so today my mailman hands me this:

addresses removed for safety reasons! :o)
my heart started pounding fast when i remembered that my friend ruthie had recently sent me a message asking me for my address. thankfully silas was sleeping and i was able to enjoy this moment for myself! i ripped the paper off and this what i saw:

purple box, blue tissue paper, and a note! i seriously was quivering with excitement!
i open the note first and it was so sweet and made my excitement grow even more! it promised a gift to keep my new baby warm...

i pulled the tissue paper back and pulled out a work of art!

seriously! art!

when i saw it, i was overcome. literally. my mama emotions (read that hormones) kicked into high gear and the tears just flowed. ruthie and kendra had made a similar blanket for silas, and i used that as his coming home from the hospital blanket. it still gets tons of snuggles and is one of my favorite gifts i received for silas. i had just made the decision last night to use that same blanket to bring elijah home with and washed it and dried it. as i pulled it out of the dryer i was a bit sad that silas was going to be sharing this blanket and i thought maybe i should use a different one for elijah. but i LOVE this blanket so much and wanted him to use it, so i folded it and put it with our hospital stuff.

the blanket ruthie and kendra made for silas
so anyway, i seriously opened this package and cried. elijah grey had is very own special blanket and silas doesn't have to share his. getting this blanket today made me really, really excited to have this baby. not just be done being pregnant, but to have this baby and hold him and snuggle him and rub great smelling pink baby lotion on him.

so ruthie, THANK YOU! you are a very special friend and i am so glad that you are in my life! thanks for my brother blankets!

the first brother blanket on top and the second brother blanket on the bottom! they make a great pair!


  1. How awesome is that?! I love getting mail from friends. Those blankets are so special.

  2. My friends and I have been writing real letters back and forth for the last few months and its been an unforgettable experience. Because of husbands in the military, choice colleges and job promotions, we have found ourselves scattered throughout the western half of the US. We send each other yummy recipes we've tried and have even started a game of "tic tac toe" that gets passed from person to person in an envelope! Most recently, I sent my friend Kelli a box full of autumn leaves as she's stuck in California and has been home sick for some crisp Utah fall. There truly is nothing like 'snail mail.'

    That blanket is beautiful! And the way you received it makes it even more special. Congratulations on the new addition to the family as well!

  3. That is so sweet! It's great that your boys will both have those special blankets.

  4. Sarah, your words make me smile and almost cry. I'm so happy that the blanket came in time for you to take it along to the hospital. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of a sweet little treasure wrapped up in it. I've been thinking about you a lot this week. Praying for patience to wait this last little bit, and a safe delivery. Love you, friend!